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Halloween in Phoenix

One thing about Phoenix that is different than anywhere else I’ve lived is its Halloween ethos. Halloween here is huge. Scary huge.

The longer I’m here, the more I understand why.

After the raging hot summer months, October marks a welcomed cooling. Snowbirds return. People are excited to come outside and to greet neighbors they haven’t seen all summer. On Halloween night, many people set up chairs in their driveway to hand out candy and to engage neighbors in conversation.

The weather here is also conducive to outdoor decorating. While some parts of the United States have to worry about the affect snow and rain will have on adornments, that’s not as much a concern here. Not only are there some incredible Halloween decorations here, many of these decorations will be refurbished into Christmas displays, too. (And I don't just mean the lights. But that's a different conversation for a different day.)

Here are some pictures from around my neighborhood.

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