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AWSM conference: Art of Storytelling

I attended a session at the Association for Women in Sports Media (AWSM) conference in Scottsdale called, “Art of storytelling.” It had helpful suggestions I thought I’d share with content creators. • Use different sources. Don’t turn to the “same ole’, same ole’” people you and other news outlets use. Seek new voices. • Observe. Everything. • Most people aren’t doing enough actual reporting. • That “last interview” could be your best anecdote. • The best stories aren’t necessarily the star players. • How many people are missing what’s happening during a game because they’re looking down on their computers or phones, tweeting? Watch the game in order to know what’s happening and to craft better questions and angles. • Speak with authority. Don’t let your statements sound like questions. • If a female colleague suggested something and was ignored, but a male colleague then suggests something similar, you could say something like, “That sounds a lot like what Emily said. Emily, can you tell us that idea again?” • Description should not be there for the sake of description. The story needs to move. • Just because it’s a good quote doesn’t mean you include it.


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