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Thank you, Marlies Dekkers

A friend and I stopped into a Marlies Dekkers yesterday in Amsterdam. While she was in the fitting room, I sat on a couch and slipped off my penny loafer. My sock was soaked. I turned over the shoe. The shoe’s sole was paper thin in places. It was no wonder water had seeped through the base. This may seem obvious, like “How did you not replace shoes with soles that were that worn?” Well, it doesn’t rain much in Phoenix. I have not experienced water seeping through these shoes, and I wear them often, if not daily. I knew the shoes needed replacing, but I didn't know just how bad the soles were. As my friend made her purchase, I asked a store staff member if she could recommend a nearby women’s shoe store. I explained my situation. As she gave me directions, she opened the drawer and pulled out a small bag, resembling a Ziplock storage bag. She confidently lopped off the top and asked if I wanted to slip my foot into it. I did. I pulled the sock over the bag and slipped my foot into my defunct shoe. Wetness gone. Worked like a charm. Like a bread bag, but more fashionable. I really should have bought a bra or two from her, just out of principle.

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