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Ode to my Dyson vacuum

I decided to vacuum my staircase in anticipation of guests arriving tomorrow. As I began to hoover, my vacuum made what I can only describe as “strange sounds.”

This wasn’t a new thing. The last few times I’ve used it, the vacuum made similar sounds. But this time, it was loud. It could not be ignored.

I began inspecting the machine to see what the problem could be. I emptied the bin. I checked to see that nothing was caught in the brush bar.

Then, I noticed the circular pre-filter housing on the side of the vacuum appeared to be loose. I detached it to have a look.

Gray dust, ground into a fine powder, poured out. It created a plume. When the dust cleared, I gave the vacuum a little shake. Dust jammed up an internal hose began folding out onto the floor. I shook it again. More. I eventually took a knife and jammed it up the tube to make sure all of the dust was shaken loose.

When I was sure everything had spilled out, I picked up the pre-filter housing. I saw some instructions printed on the inside. They advised cleaning this filter piece every six months.

If I have ever cleaned this piece, I don’t remember doing so.

I received this vacuum as a wedding present.

I was married 11 years ago as of August.

This is a mighty fine vacuum.


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